The story is always more than just a story.



Myths, fairy tales, legends, epic, movies – from ancient times till today we are surrounded by the STORIES. They create images of every famous person, place, event, thing or matter.

And you know what?

Everyone has a story. Definitely, you do too. Yet, maybe the world doesn’t know yours. Just till now. So, you need to start telling it. Learn how to do it.


Nowadays stories are the most powerful thing to represent, sell or advertise anything – person, company, product, service, place, country, event, etc.

Stand out

Storytelling will open you the doors to the creation of your story. Because among 1000’nds of different stories YOURS could be unique. So, start creating, writing and telling YOUR STORY.

Modern world

Modern world is overwhelmed by events, facts and data. That is why people’s attention is truly caught only by STORIES. They appear everywhere – in social media, business, industry, public relations, politics, academia… The world needs STORIES. People need STORIES to be attracted, engaged, and associated with something really interesting, something that has the unique STORY.

Best stories start with You. Ask yourself, what is the best “story for me”?