We invite you to celebrate World Storytelling Day with StoryFor.Me!

What is it about?

We tell stories all the time even without realizing it. Storytelling is what You do on a job interview, a date and at work. A good storyteller is one who knows how to introduce himself, make a memorable speech, deliver a fascinating presentation, conduct the sales successfully or make a catchy PR release. In fact, it is more than that. It is about finding and developing Your own story.


We offer a 4-days intense dive into storytelling. A unique blend of Lithuanian and best International experts from Federation of European Storytelling (FEST) both on the stage and in the audience.

Choose what you want:

more theory to know how storytelling works – conference
more practice to get the skills – 1-3 days of training
both – take full package!

Dates: March 20-23, 2018



March 20, 2018 “Art of Storytelling” Conference 
11:00-11:30Welcome Word / Introduction
11:30-12:00“Some Things Never Change – Why Storytelling Remains the Most Powerful Form of Communication”Jacqueline Kassteen (NL)
12:00-12:30“Narrative meets science: research on storytelling and implications for your stories”Magdalena Szarafin (DE)
12:30-13:00Key Notes / Q&As
13:00-14:00Lunch break
14:00-14:30“How a storyteller can get paid for crafting stories within the corporate world?”Mario Sorrias Fierro (ES)
14:30-15:00“Storytelling in a wild world”Douglas Mackay (UK)
15:00-15:30Key Notes / Q&As
16:00-18:00Open mic evening - networking
March 21, 2018 Workshops & trainings
10:00-11:30“Rasti realias istorijas, padedančioms išpręsti problemas” Raimondas Paskevicius (LT)
11:40-13:10“Crafting the Story: Genres and Plot Development Techniques”Jacqueline Kassteen (NL)
14:00-15:30“What Is the Story Behind the Numbers?”Magdalena Szarafin (DE)
14:00-15:30“Stop storytelling, start story living”Tomas Kirsa (LT)
15:40-17:10“The best stories you can tell – what are the stories that high performers tell nowadays”Mario Sorrias Fierro (ES)
15:40-17:10“Storytelling for healthy communities”Douglas Mackay (UK)
March 22, 2018Workshops & trainings
10:00-11:30“Storytelling in everyday communication. (Case study from food industry.)”Delija Milasiute (LT)
11:40-13:10“Crafting the Story: Genres and Plot Development Techniques”Jacqueline Kassteen (NL)
11:40-13:10“Numbers Also Tell the Story”Magdalena Szarafin (DE)
14:00-15:30“Crafting stories that help organisations achieving their goals – and a storyteller get paid”Mario Sorrias Fierro (ES)
14:00-15:30“Storytelling and social connection”Douglas Mackay (UK)
15:40-17:10“Rasti paveikiausią būdą istorijoms papasakoti”Raimondas Paskevicius (LT)
March 23, 2018Workshops & trainings
10:00-11:30“Developing the company’s core story”Raimondas Paskevicius (LT)
10:00-11:30“Skaitmeninis vaizdas: susikurti vaizdinę istoriją - reportažas, plakatas”Laura Zaleckaite (LT)
11:40-13:10“The three “truths” of crafting your own story: from storytelling to story-doing”Mario Sorrias Fierro (ES)
11:40-13:10“Data Storytelling: How to Do the Magic?”Magdalena Szarafin (DE)
14:00-15:30“Storytelling as a form of personal branding”Jacqueline Kassteen (NL)
14:00-15:30“Storytelling for social justice”Douglas Mackay (UK)
15:40-17:10“Storytelling'as. Kaip sukurti istoriją, kuri sudomintų žiniasklaidą?”Svajūnė Marcinkevičienė (LT)